IN2-CONCRETE BVBA is a company registered in Belgium, Chamber of Commerce Gent under the number: 0598.892.252 , with is registered offices in 9860 Oosterzele, Gijzenzelestraat 10.

  1. A proclaimer and not a disclaimer?

As IN2-CONCRETE we have a Proclaimer and not a Disclaimer since we think correct information is crucial for your online and web shopping experience. We don’t want to hide behind legal terms and want to take care of a complete, correct and impeccable online experience.

  1. What can you expect from our website?

As IN2-CONCRETE we do all we can to guarantee the accurateness of the data on our website. You can expect that the available information (products, images, documents, code, links, promotion, texts) and functions (placing orders, offers, searches, payments) are accurate and reliable. These documents serve as general information. However IN2-CONCRETE can never be held liable or committed to a result based on inaccurate or incomplete information.

  1. I’ve seen incorrect information on the website!

After being informed, IN2-CONCRETE will correct, change or delete the information within 15 working days. Have you seen incorrect information? Please e-mail us on [email protected]. We appreciate your e-mail or call.

  1. Intellectual property of the website content, texts, documents, images and/or code.

All information, in any form (text, brand names, promotions, logo’s, code, products, documents in WORD, PDF and others), are copyright protected. Any use, including but not limited to the reproduction, distribution, display or transmission of the content of this site is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by IN2-CONCRETE. Also the logo of IN2-CONCRETE cannot be used without prior written approval of IN2-CONCRETEIn case you like to use information or content, please contact IN2-CONCRETE via the contact details under chapter 1.

  1. What about links to other website on the website of IN2-CONCRETE.

The user is solely responsible for clicking on or visiting links (or URL’s) which are included in the information on the website to other electronic communication portals which are not under the responsibility of IN2-CONCRETE.


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