Solvent-based deactivator for exposed aggregate concrete with active ingredients to prevent the hydration of the top layer of the cement paste while allowing the other concrete to hydrate normally.

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HEBAU’s CSE® Deactivator Pro is a water-based deactivator to achieve the desired exposure depth of exposed aggregate concrete.

HEBAU’s CSE® Deactivators are liquid, paint-like materials with active ingredient that prevent the hydration of the top layer of the cement paste in a previously defined “exposure depth”, whilst the concrete beyond this “exposure depth” hydrates normally. In this process the CSE® Deactivator only reacts with the cement paste of the fresh/green concrete in this particular depth, which leads to a neutralization.

The deactivated cement paste on the surface is then removed by “washing” with a high-pressure cleaner. The aggregates in the concrete are now exposed and therefore it is referred to as “exposed aggregate concrete” (from an exposure depth of 2 mm) resp. “micro exposed aggregate concrete” (up to an exposure depth of 2 mm).

CSE® Deactivator is available in 4 different versions and each version offers 11 different exposure-depth types.

For both, negative and positive applications:

  • CSE® version “pro“, solvent-based
  • CSE® version “nova“, water-based

Only for positive applications:

  • CSE® version “solotop“, water-based
  • CSE® version “multitop“, water-based with incorporated curing membrane & rain-protection-function

Exposed aggregate concrete surfaces have following advantages:

  • Appealing visual effect, because a natural stone like look and haptic can be achieved, e.g. by precast concrete wall elements and by cast stone.
  • Anti-slip effect because of increased roughness of surface, e.g. good for steps and pavings.
  • Long-term maintenance-free surfaces properties, as the surface mainly consists of the durable aggregates and relatively little cement (ratio approx. 80:20)

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